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We are firm believers that your home should be your happy place, so why take any risks with it? Thats where our designs come in. We can show you exactly how your project will look when we are finished to save any worries about end result.

We always look to maximise the space you have and designing exactly what you envision, is the best way to ensure the proper finish you require.

To see some of our designs or to find some inspiration, feel free to take a look at our gallery!

A bespoke, handcrafted kitchen.
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Storage Solutions

Do you have a space in your home which you’re not sure how to utilise? Let us help you find the storage solution with a bespoke designed unit for the space. Our 3D designs will show you exactly how our units will fit your space.

Our clever storage solutions mixed with innovative lighting bring practicality and aesthetically pleasing design. Our builds can be tailor made to your requirements and the use of our 3D design package means that we can meet your specifications before we begin the building process.

Check out our gallery for our past projects and for ideas and inspiration!

Bespoke under-stair storage solutions.
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Do you live in a listed building, or an older property in need of an original wooden window update? Wooden windows don’t always need a full replacement. We can often repair rotten sections to make your window look and work like new or we can build you a replacement window from scratch.

Our expert team have experience of repairing and replacing rotten windows, sills and frames and we are always looking for our next project! Give us a call and we will be more than happy to come and advise you of the best way forward.

Check out our Gallery for examples of some of the windows we have restored!

Bespoke, handcrafted window frames.
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General Carpentry

At Coppice and Craftsmen, we aim to give our customers the whole package. Alongside our bespoke, tailor made furniture, we also offer all the same services as other carpentry providers.

From fitted kitchens, doors, flooring, skirting and architrave, through to loft conversions, staircases, door frames, joists and rafters we are confident we can meet your requirements.

We also install plasterboard, insulation, fascia, soffit and guttering. We are confident we can meet your needs whatever carpentry is required.

Carpenter measuring a draw for a bespoke, handcrafted, piece of furniture.
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